Top Reasons to Hire an Event Planner in Costa Rica


The reasons to hire a planner for your Costa Rica event are obvious. Here are my Top Reasons to Hire an Event Planner in Costa Rica .

1. Your current location: Chances are you are planning an event…IN. ANOTHER. COUNTRY! Based on my past experience - chances are Spanish is also not your first language. And chances are, you have never been to Costa Rica, and if so, maybe once a few years ago. I should really stop here as this is reason enough for you to hire a planner. It doesn’t have to be me, but please hire someone.

2. Costa Ricans are TOO nice: That’s right, I said it. The truth is, one of the things I love the most about Costa Rica is its people. They are hands down some of the friendliest people in the world. They will go out of their way to help you and are really, really happy people. (Seriously we were named the Happiest Country on the Planet again last year.) However, when planning an event, I have found this can actually be a hindrance. Why? Because they will almost always say yes. To anything. They want to be nice so they say yes, we can get this or that, or yes we will do this or that, when the truth is they might not fully understand what it is you want or what you are asking for. (And everyone has a cousin who can help you;) It is not done maliciously and might not be a big deal in most instances. However if you are planning an event or something special, it is important to have someone who clearly understands what you want and can clearly communicate that for you and more importantly – make it happen.

3. It saves you stress: Planning an event is stressful enough. Traveling internationally is stressful enough. There is no need to make it any more stressful. I can help you make every single arrangement from the moment you land until the moment you depart. It can actually be fun.

4. It saves you money AND you get more for your dollar: I have already done most of the price comparisons for you. I know what is available and what the best value for your dollar is. Also, by using vendors that I have relationships with, you often get extra little perks and better pricing in general.

5. It saves you time: Again, I have already done most of the research for you. And if I don’t already know the answer to something, I will find out for you. Instead of spending hours on search engines looking for vendors in the area and trying to translate/communicate what you want and then trying to get each one a payment, you can do it all at once by hiring a planner.

6. You will host a better looking event: I can recommend the best venue, the best time, what is in season and how to pull it all together.

7. You will host your event in the right place: It is really hard to tell what an event venue is really like from a website. You can really only rely on photos and hopefully some reviews. The photos don’t show what’s next door or across the street – or that it is 30 minutes up a 4x4 only driveway! I have personally experienced most of the venues available in the area. I have done site inspections and events there so I know most of the pro’s and con’s that come with each one.

8. You will eat: This comes with having less stress. Plus the food you eat will be local, fresh and delicious!

9. You will breathe: Again, less stress. And the air you breathe will be pure, humid and clean rain forest air!

10. You will relax: Your only responsibility will be to sit back, enjoy the experience, take all of the credit and look good. Period.

Why Not to Hire a Planner:

1. There are none. In my opinion, there are no down-sides to hiring a planner. Myself or otherwise.

2. Most common misconception is low budget: If you think your budget doesn’t have space, I can promise that without a qualified planner, you will make mistakes either during the planning process or at the event that could have easily been avoided that cost you in the long run. More often than not, much more than a coordinator would have cost. (Most couples who do it themselves say they wish they had hired a planner.) Another reason is bang for your buck. When you get a group of vendors together who have worked together and have a cohesive relationship, they will stop at nothing to make sure the event goes smoothly. You can’t put a price on that.

3. You want to DIY. Hiring a planner does not mean you can’t DIY – as much as you would like in fact. The more you do, the less your planner has to, so we normally welcome it. And it can save you a bundle as well. You still make all of the decisions and add all of your personal and unique touches to your event. It is always fun to see what people create and bring!

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