Here are my Top Reasons to Host Your Event in Costa Rica:


Because it's Awesome! Really, Costa Rica is more than a vacation and event destination; it is an interactive sensory experience! The country is bestowed with an intense array of biodiversity and environmental attractions including majestic volcanoes, emerald jungles, misty cloud forests, stunning river valleys, waterfalls and hundreds of pristine and exotic beaches. With no army, excellent education and health care with some of the longest life spans and the happiest people on the planet, it is hard to go wrong hosting your event here.

Here are my Top Reasons to Host Your Event in Costa Rica:

1. Infrastructure: In response to growing demand, Costa Rica’s hotel, transportation and tour industry has developed and strengthened providing excellent event and wedding services. It’s not all ox carts and horseback anymore!

2. Proximity: Costa Rica is close to the United States and Canada, so your guests traveling from those places don’t have to subject themselves to long flights. At the same time, Costa Rica is small enough that you can travel from the Caribbean to the Pacific in one day, as you experience all kinds of climate and terrain in between. Lounge on a gorgeous tropical beach in the morning, and be hiking up a volcano, swimming in a pristine river or experiencing the rainforest just a short time later. More and more airlines are offering direct flights into one of our two International airports and tickets prices are generally affordable. It can also be an excuse for you or your guests to vacation as many decide to come before - or stay for a while longer.

3. Time to Really Connect: If you host your event at home, your guests will likely come to one or two events that last a few hours each. By hosting your event in paradise, your guests will likely have at least a few days to really connect on a deeper level. You get to spend quality time getting to know each other better and create unforgettable memories. By incorporating adventures throughout your trip, your guests share an unforgettable life-long bond. You can’t buy that stuff.

4. Friendliness: Costa Ricans are friendly and peaceful by nature. (Seriously, named the Friendliest Country in the World by the Happy Planet Index) again last year. The people who will take care of you during your entire visit and experience will undoubtedly be warm and friendly individuals and make your time even more memorable. It’s pretty hard to have a bad time here.

5. Simplicity: By hosting a destination event, you can skip a lot of the normal hassles involved in event planning. Whether it’s a nosy neighbor, a well meaning Mom or an over-involved co-worker, everyone will have an opinion, or experience that you will have to weigh in (or at least listen to) when you plan an event locally. By planning a destination event, you can take back some of the planning and decision making in your own hands. In some cases it also cuts unnecessary or obligatory invites. We always like to keep it drama free!

6. Competitive Prices: You’ll find that the cost of event and wedding based services, as well as expenses such as transportation and lodging, are very competitive. Arenal in general offers less expensive options than many of the beaches. To clarify, this does not mean dirt cheap.

7. Totally Unique: We all are invited to events of all kinds throughout the years. Let’s be honest, they all start to blur together after a while. You can change all of that. Yours can be different. The one that will keep everyone talking – even at future events! Adventure vacations and events are totally unforgettable and have been proven to have a greater return on your investment. More value for your dollar, who doesn’t like that?

8. Wide Range of Options: Over the last 10 years we have seen an overwhelming increase in vendors and services available in the country. If we can’t get it, chances are you can bring it – or we can make it!

9. Exotic Destinations: Our country is famous for its incomparable natural beauty and exotic destinations that are unbeatable for your event. You’ll find beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, volcanoes, magnificent hotels, and small towns. With digs like ours, your event will be anything but ordinary.

10. It’s Cool: Which makes you and everyone who comes cool. It’s true.

However, you should know there are some reasons you should NOT host your event in Costa Rica:
1. You can’t handle “wedding crashers” that come with an event in Costa Rica. In the form of sloths, monkeys, parrots, blue jays, butterflies, leaf cutter ants or mosquitoes – we are immersed in nature and anything can pop up, at anytime! I have had all of the fore mentioned show up, uninvited at events. It can happen.

2. You can’t go with the flow, or take the “Pura Vida” lifestyle approach.

3. You think we have readily available ALL of the services and amenities available in North America. More and more is becoming available every day, but generally you end up paying for them.

4. You are not ok with the fact that Mother Nature is in control of most factors at the event. This means everything from dealing with the weather and the elements like wind and rain at the event to availability of certain flowers due to too much or too little wind or rain leading up to the event – and everything in between.

5. If you don’t know where Costa Rica is. Or if you think it is an island. Or if you think we speak Mexican.

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