Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Blue Butterfly Events


I was born here. I live here. I work here. I am bilingual and have experience and relationships with many of the country’s leading vendor’s and can suggest the best ones to meet your vision and budget. To stay consistent, here are the Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Blue Butterfly.

1. Birthrite: I am Costa Rican by birth. My parents came from the US to Costa Rica in the early 70’s and started an herbal tea company on the volcano Poas. Both Costa Rica and volcanoes are in my blood!

2. Education: I graduated from Mount Dora High School, Florida, then received an Associate of Arts degree at Lake Sumter Community College, followed by a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida in Public Relations and Advertising and also graduated from Leadership Lake program.

3. Experience: I have been involved in planning events from the time I was in high school. It has always been something I have naturally gravitated towards. After college, I went to work the at WOFL/WOGX television station in programming and sales as well as coordinating events and then moving on to the non-profit March of Dimes coordinating fundraising and corporate events. Upon moving back to Costa Rica in 2004, I was working as the innkeeper of a boutique, beachfront bed and breakfast in Guanacaste and started coordinating the weddings there. It seemed like a natural fit. Since then I have worked as an independent and freelance event coordinator and consultant. I have both worked independently as well as alongside other companies as the only independent event planner to not only live in – but specialize in the area. I have been involved in over 250 weddings and corporate events in Costa Rica since!

4. Exposure/backgroud:

+Non-profit – Which means I know how to make every penny count.

+Corporate America – I understand it because I have been there and lived it. I have assembled boards as well as serving on them and have participated in more meetings than I care to admit to. I understand the corporate world North American expectations and can deliver.

+Hotels/Travel – I have worked in the hotel and travel industry in Costa Rica so I understand how it works and who the best providers are.

+Freelance Event Coordinator - As a freelance coordinator I have had the privilege of working with many of the other coordinators in the country. There are some really dynamite coordinators and companies in the country who I like and respect very much. The bottom line is, I am able to see countless vendors and service providers at work – without having to “test” them out on my clients! From rental companies, to photographers, to musicians and florists -this has allowed me the benefit to pick and choose who the best ones are and who has the best practices.

5. Location: I am the only event coordinator/planner in the country who is both living in and specializing in the Arenal area. This means that I am current on what is happening in the area in terms of venues, restaurants, tours and services available. I know all the ins and outs and how to get things done. And if I don’t know who can, I can find out.

6. Understanding of Multiple Cultures/Bilingual: Though I am Costa Rican born, I was raised and educated in the US. I hold dual citizenship and I understand both the Costa Rican culture and North American standards and can bridge the two together. And trust me - they are very different in many ways. I understand the North American and European design styles and incorporate my local knowledge of the resources available to execute those ideas in the best way possible.

7. Commitment to Environment & Community: My goal is to use every event that I coordinate as an opportunity to help the community or the world around me in some way. Each group and event is different and the projects that have been supported so far vary widely - from purchasing desks, painting and fixing up local schools and donating school and sporting supplies to supporting reforestation projects and animal rescue centers. I work with each group to find a way that works for them. I have had wedding couples ask all of their guests to bring a children's library book instead of a gift or card and corporate events who used tropical baby trees in their dinner centerpieces that they planted the following day. Each project is as unique as each event!

8. Different Approach: My design style approach is pretty minimalist. Most of the areas venues are completely surrounded by natural beauty and vegetation and so you don’t have to do too much to make an event exquisite. We are not in an event hall in a strip mall with beige carpeted floors and beige walls! I also try to make a small impact on the environment and a big impact on the community by sourcing as much locally as possible. Organic and all natural is what I strive for!

9. Desafio Supported: I am a proud partner and Lead Event Specialist to the best tour, transportation and logistics operator in the country – Desafio Adventure Company!! As direct operators, they own all of the vans, rafts and sporting equipment they use, and provide full insurance as well as employ the drivers and guides. This ensures the highest level of quality can be guaranteed. Others can’t say the same. Most travel and event planners have to find different providers for each tour and service. As a partner to Desafio I have a full logistics support of a travel agency, a fleet of vehicles and drivers, the most exciting tours in Costa Rica, and a 24 hour operations department with nearly 25 years of experience. This is a really valuable and unique asset.

Reasons Not to Hire Blue Butterfly:

I shouldn’t really write anything here – but if I must, if we don’t share the same vision, then you should definitely not hire me. I feel event planning is a personal process so you should connect with the person who is working on your behalf.

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