Top Reasons Why to Host Your Event in Arenal, Costa Rica


Considered the Adventure Capital of Latin America, the Arenal area offers the best of all worlds. You can find the lush rain forest, the volcano, expansive Lake Arenal, mountains, farms, rivers, waterfalls, valleys, tropical gardens and decadent hot springs without having to travel elsewhere. There is a wealth of world-class tourist amenities and activities while still offering incredibly romantic and remote venues.

If you need more convincing, here are my Top Reasons Why to Host Your Event in Arenal .

1.The Arenal Volcano: It is the perfect, iconic, conical shaped volcano and a majestic mountain that dominates the landscape of the area. It is one of the youngest, still active volcanoes in the hemisphere. Though it entered a resting phase in 2010 – meaning that its eruptions have paused – it is still a stunning sight. Rising above the rainforest that surrounds its base, Arenal frames the skyline with near perfect symmetry and offers the perfect backdrop for any event. All of the fancy descriptive text simply means you will have stunning photos. *Full disclosure: Not everyone who visits get to see the volcano as it sometimes remains cloaked in clouds for days at a time. But in my humble opinion, cool misty rainforest or even rain still make for an amazing background.

2. 100% Rainforest: Many people come to Costa Rica to experience the rainforest. Arenal and surrounding areas are made up mostly of primary rainforest and epitomize what you imagine when you think tropical. The Arenal Volcano National Park encompasses four different life zones and harbors a tremendous amount of diverse plants and wildlife. In fact, nearly 75% of the total species of birds that have been identified in Costa Rica can be found here.

3. Wildlife: It's a jungle out there - literally. There are over 10,000 identified species of plants, 850 species of birds, 800 species of butterflies, and 500 species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, combined in the area. Among the most productive ecosystems in the world, Costa Rica’s jungles are pristine, lush and feature some of the exotic and colorful flora and fauna on the planet.

4. Adventures and Desafio Supported: Often referred to the as one of the Adventure Capitals of the planet, La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano area offer a huge number of adventures, in fact more than any other place on the planet - including white water rafting, canyoning and rappelling waterfalls, waterfall jumping, soaring canopy and zipline tours, hanging bridges, cultural tours, agricultural tours, exploring caves, mountain biking, tubing, hiking canyons, climbing mountains, the volcano and nature river boat safaris. Phew. And that is just to name a few. (Not counting our lake activities.) You would have to stay for a month to do it all! We are proud partners with the leading Adventure Company in the Costa Rica. With nearly 25 years of experience and offices all over the country, the #1 rated Desafio Adventure Company is the leader in the country in safety and cutting edge adventures!

5. Lake Arenal: Located at the base of the volcano, the largest lake in the country, Lake Arenal was man-made as part of Costa Rica’s hydroelectric project to provide sustainable energy to the country. Its fresh turquoise blue waters provide an enchanting vista from many places in the zone. Lined with lush rain forest jungles and wildlife, it also offers fresh water fishing, boating, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding in addition to world class sail boarding, wake boarding and windsurfing.

6. The Hot Springs: World famous for a reason. Fed by the largest geothermal aquifer in the world and the activity of the volcano, the areas mineral rich hot springs boast many health benefits. Tucked into the rain forest gardens they offer a relaxing way to unwind after a day full of adventures. The area has many different options of hot springs that vary in style and price. It is quite possibly one of the most romantic ways to spend a day! If you can believe it, it gets even more romantic if it rains and after dark. Many of the hot springs also offer world class spas for even deeper relaxation and healing opportunities. It is a truly unforgettable experience and muy caliente!

7. Conveniently Located: The Arenal/La Fortuna area is located approximately three hours from either International airport, San Jose or Liberia. This means you get a greater option of flights and no matter where your guests fly in, they will be settled in no time! It is also located half way between both coasts – meaning it is a perfect pair to any beach destination or city in the country. We are truly the heart of the country.

8. Wide Selection of Venues: You can have your event in a historic, rustic Costa Rican farm house, a volcano-view amphitheater, underneath a 500 year old ceiba tree-of- life, at a five star riverside restaurant, the base of a waterfall, a rain forest palapa, an organic farm serving farm to table meals, a funky disco/club tucked deep into the jungle or a lakeside pavilion complete with a floating stage - just to name a few. Keep in mind, wherever it is, it will probably not have walls.

9. So Many Hotel Options!: You can find something for every style preference and in every price range. Everything from homey B&B's and budget-friendly lodges up to the most luxurious eco-resorts. The area boasts over 120 different hotel options and we are home to many hotels that top the Best Of lists every year on TripAdvisor and other travel guides.

10. Must See: Considered a must-see destination for every vacation by most authorities on travel to Costa Rica. You don't have to take my word for it. Check out MOST Costa Rica travel packages or ask any travel agent and they will tell you that a trip to the country without seeing Arenal is unacceptable!

11. The friendly town of La Fortuna: Full of restaurants, shops and services, you can find anything and everything you could want in this cool and fun little tourist town at the base of the majestic volcano.

12. Because I love it! Of course I love it, I live here. Of all the corners on the planet, I am really happy to call this one mine. There is not a day that goes by that my breath is not totally taken away by the beauty. It makes the perfect venue for any event and I would love to share it with you!

Why NOT to host your event in Arenal:

1. If you not open to the fact that it could rain on the day (or even during) your event. Full disclosure here. Considered paradise by many, we are ultimately in the rain forest. Rain is possible. Anytime of any day, of any month, of any year, rainy season or not – the sky can open up for 10 seconds or 10 days straight. There is often no way of predicting it - even with forecasts and radar. We also have long spans of time with totally amazing, clear and sunny weather. Days that are beyond beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. There is always a rain plan and most activities go on rain or shine.

2. Want less than a three hour drive from the airport to your destination. There are some other venue options that I can recommend, including cloud forest, rain forest, waterfall and volcano venues that are located closer to both of our international airports. Send me a message and I am happy to tell you some about some different options depending on your interests.

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